Cryomodule Test Stand (CTS)

Fermilab is planning to build a Cryomodule Test Facility (CMTF) which will be located in a new set of buildings adjacent to the New Muon Lab (NML). This facility will provide the necessary test bed to measure the performance of SRF cavities in a cryomodule (CM).   CMTF is intended to be a flexible cryomodule test facility, configurable in different ways to meet the needs of the current as well as the future projects. CMTF will include two liquid helium refrigerators, two Cryomodule Test Stands (CMTS), a test area for RF components, a clean room, and all related support equipment.

Femilab is collaborating with Indian Institutions to build two Cryomodule Test Stands: CMTS1 designed for 1.3 GHz cryomodules operating in a pulsed mode (PM) and CMTS2 for 650 MHz cryomodules operating in Continuous Wave (CW) mode. Indian Institutions would participate in the development of the CMTS1 at Fermilab, while developing the CMTS2 in India for delivery and integration at Fermilab in 2014.

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) will be responsible for providing the (feed can, feed cap, end cap, bayonet cans and associated transfer lines) for CMTS1. They are working on developing an improved CMTS design based on the functional and technical specifications provided by Fermilab. The assembly as well as sub assembly drawings (2D) of all three systems have already been completed and the design & detail drawings of all three sub‐assemblies are under preparation. The design review will be done in collaboration with Fermilab. BARC has the technical capabilities to manufacture most parts necessary for the CMTS1 cryogenic components. The size and quality of their manufacturing facilities exceeds those required for feed box, feed cap and end cap assembly. BARC is working in collaboration with VECC for cryogenics. RRCAT is working on the 650 MHz RF power.

For CMTS2, in addition to the cryogenic boxes, Indian Institutions will also provide the instrumentation, controls, RF power equipment, and safety systems consistent with the requirements and the existing CMTS1 installation. Indian Institutions will work closely with Fermilab’s RF Group during the design phase to ensure the integration of the new RF Power systems into the existing power environment at Fermilab.

Fermilab will be responsible for the construction and outfitting of the CMTF building as well as the procurement, installation, commissioning of the two liquid helium cryogenic plants and their associated components. Fermilab will also be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the two test stands including the construction of the test caves and shielding. Fermilab has already procured most of the 1.3 GHz power equipment for CMTS1. Fermilab will be responsible for the design of the valve box and Indian Institutions shall be responsible for its fabrication. Indian institutions will provide the supports needed for the components they supply but Fermilab will be responsible for all other required mechanical supports and fixtures.  The support structure on which the cryomodule sits while in the test stand will also be provided by Fermilab.